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I am a graphic design and photo retouch artist. I studied photography at The Art Institute of Houston in the early 80's and went on to work commercially in Tulsa for several years doing catalog product shots, wedding photography and some fashion portfolio work.


I moved to Indianapolis in 1987 and continued my career in computer IT while doing some graphic design for my networking clients such as corporate logos, menus and other business collateral. After a serious car accident in 2006, I re-focused on Photoshop and Illustrator leaving the familiar confines of ten years of Corel Draw behind. It has become an obsession, I have always enjoyed making things look better and not just art.  But over the last two years I have learned that I can apply that passion for making things look better to your photography too.


I have a keen eye for design and color, my wife doesn't like to shop without me, as she says “I just know what goes together.” I don't know about that, but I sure do know what doesn't work and I strive for that kind of common sense approach to my retouching projects.


Learning Photoshop wasn’t easy, but the unbridled creativity it affords me is so worth the countless hours of reading, studying tutorials and attending seminars and now I feel as though there isn’t much I can’t accomplish in a timely and believable way.  Look through my portfolio and let me know if I can help create a better look for you or your clients!


David Lawrence


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